Please Visit Dance Depot to support Local Small Business and find all of our supplies. Click HERE for their information. 

Dance I, II, III & IV students will be required to 'dress out' daily  before participating in dance activities EXCEPT for EARLY RELEASE DAYS. This is part of their participation grade and mandatory unless otherwise previously approved.

All dancers should dress out in at least a dance leotard similar to the one pictured above. I would like students in the most basic black leotard with sleeves (NO TANK LEOTARDS). In addition, please purchase black capris for over your leotard. Only black and tight, please. One pair of nude or black jazz shoes could be purchased as well (please purchase the color that most closely matches your skin tone. The point is to not draw too much attention to your feet). The most basic and inexpensive is fine. If you can not or do not want to purchase shoes, your dancer may dance with bare feet. ALL DANCERS MUST HAVE THEIR HAIR IN A CROWN BUN EVERY DAY, no exceptions (email me for DIY videos and help, but every dancer should consider this daily preparation). 

Optional additional supplies include split sole or full sole ballet slippers. The most basic and inexpensive may not last until the end of the year, but are fine. Tan transitional or footed tights only. Please do not purchase black or white as they will not be usable in this years performances. Foot undies or foot thongs may be purchased if you'd like for practice in Dance 3 & 4. Sweat pants, basketball shorts, or comfy loose pants, any color or style can be purchased for Hip Hop.

Dance IV Cougarettes - Practice UNIFORMS are required every day that we dance.


One 2" three ring Binder.

40 Sheet Protectors

20 standard sized (8 x 11) scrapbook papers (designs of your choice, any design, multi design)

leann_womack_-_i_hope_you_dance (2).mp3

ALL DANCERS NEED A PAIR OF RUBBER ($1) FLIP FLOPS To wear from the locker room to the studio - This is not optional for timing and sanitary reasons :)

While dance class will be fun and dancers should be comfortable, wearing form fitting leotards, tight jazz accessory bottoms, enables teachers to view proper, or improper form or alignment. If a dancer is unable to find the right alignment to perform moves within dance technique, their ability to progress will be hindered. 

I understand the expenses that are involved are not easy for some or most of us, but we do have sponsorship forms available for family and friends to donate. You'd be surprised how a little bit here and there goes a long way when a handful of people all want to see your dancer succeed. Please don't hesitate to let me know if I can help you in any way, via phone or email and we can work out details. 

I am also aware that certain studios require particular brand names, color and styles for practice attire. Please opt to use supplies that you already own. There is no need to spend additional money on new shoes, unless your studio instructors advise otherwise. 

BOYS : Black, comfortable, not too loose, not too long shirt and shorts or pants.

To sum it up:

Dance I, II & III - Leotard, capris, optional dance shoes (or borrow shoes). Dance II & III "Half Soles" are required asap

Cougarettes - Practice Uniform / Alternate Jersey and Caprisj, Jazz Sneakers & Half Soles.

Additional :

Refillable water bottle

Hair always pulled up in a bun / No dangling jewelry / flip flops

Scrapbook Materials

This is going to be a great year! Call or email me if you have any questions. :)