We incorporate literacy goals into our lesson plans, and would love to make the process of writing in a studio fun and easy without moving big, heavy desks into our nice, huge dance space. Can you donate a dollar or two to purchase 40 plastic kids trays? They retail for about 7$ at local stores, and with close to 40 students in most classes, those few dollars can purchase a class set. The set will belong to the dance program if so. Thank you so much!!

CMS would love a sprung dance studio floor, and installed ballet barre's. If you know anyone who may want to donate funds, provide materials, or provide construction, please contact me at your convenience.

 For our performances, if you would like to help backstage with costumes, make up and hair, want to photograph or video tape all performances and dancers, or are connected to someone in local media for newspaper articles, news radio, or community print, we'd love your help! Please contact me at your convenience by clicking on the "Contact Me" tab above. Thank you so much! ~Ms. Wade