ALL DANCERS have to dress out every M, T, TH and F. Wednesdays we do not dress out, and we work on our DANCE PROGRESS PROJECTS via scrapbooking :).

August 23 - Scrapbook Supplies turned into class to stay :) (2" binder, 80 sheet protectors, 40 scrapbook pages) (alternates to scrapbook paper are fine! Sheet protectors are a must. 1" binders won't be big enough and 3" are too big to store. We have 200 dancers)

DUE October 1 - All students must be in LEOTARDS, CAPRI's and FLIP FLOPS

8-28 through 10-16 - Intro to Contemporary.Dance - Merce Cunningham (Pre and Post)

QUIZ #1 - Small Group Choreo w/ SHINY, RAINY, GLOOMY or 

Scrapbook Requirements : Each slide is one weeks worth of work in class. Please check this regularly to make sure you (or your dancer) is current on their scrapbook requirements. Thank you!

 Ballet Barre Warm Up Routine Quiz

Ballet Barre Warm Up Review.docx Ballet Barre Warm Up Review.docx
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Ballet Barre Warm Up Review.pdf Ballet Barre Warm Up Review.pdf
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 Solo / Duet / Trio / Small group performance auditions - Date TBA

Second Semester :