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Welcome to


Remind 101

By signing up, you

will receive text 

message reminders for


costumes, rehearsals,

 and assessments. 

Please send the correct code (include the @ symbol) to 


Dance III

Please text @CMSDance36

Dance II

Please text @CMSDance25

Dance I 

Period One Text @CMSDance11

Period Four Text @CMSDance14

Period Seven Text @CMSDance17


Your Code will be given at the WELCOME PARENT MEETING each year :)


After you text the code,

 you will receive a text 

prompting you to send

 your name. Please text 

me the name you prefer 

to be addressed as, 

followed by the dancer

 to whom you are the 


For example : Peggy and


John’s Parents

Address. Phone. Email.

6801 Airport Road
Port Orange, FLorida 32128